Got A Broken Red Deer Sewer Line- Here’s What To Do

You may not notice a broken sewer line until the damage is done. A sewer line that is broken can cause a foul odour and serious health problems. It is best to treat the problem as soon as it happens. It is even better to prevent the problem before it happens. One of the most common reasons that sewer line break is due to trees growing near them. The roots can break the lines. A broken sewer line cannot be ignored and can cause a great deal of damage to the property.
Finding the break in the line

If the sewer line is broken, it can lead to additional issues including clogged drains and a foul odour. It is important to find the break before things get worse. The spot where the damage has occurred may be easy t see because it will cause the water to come out of the ground and will have a strong smell.

Check out the damage to determine if a professional will need to be called. Sometimes it may be difficult to find the exact location of the damage. If the site requires digging then a shovel should be used over an automatic digging machine. The machines may cause additional damage.

If the line is broken outside of the homeowner’s property, then the office of the city planner should be called. It will then be the responsibility of the city to fix the problem.

Cleaning out the Sewer

“Once the damaged part of the sewer is located some cleaning usually will fix the problem.” says local Red Deer Company Solutions Plumbing “This may help the wastewater drain down the line.” A broken sewer line may require moving debris that is in the way or has gotten caught on the line. To clean the sewer line, it is best to use a plumber’s snake. This can go through the pipes and remove any debris that has become stuck inside. Sometimes a person may have to get in there with their hands. Be sure to put rubber gloves on before working on the sewer line.

Fixing the Broken Line

Before putting the sewer line back in place make sure that all debris that is surrounding it has been removed. There are different ways to fix the sewer line depending on what materials are going to be used. If the line is made from PVC or metal, then the pipes can be sealed back up. Epoxy or other sealants can be used for this job. If the line is made from concrete, then mortar will need to be used to seal the line back up.

Replacing a Broken Line

If the sewer line cannot be repaired, then it is going to need to be replaced. If the pipes are damaged or have started to rot a professional should be called to replace the broken pipes. If the pipes are replaced a professional should make sure there is no clog. When hiring a professional to replace the lines make sure they are professionals and have experience working on sewer lines.